Calame and its partners have brought together 21 French legaltech companies to harmonize data reversibility and portability clauses in IT license contracts.

In Paris, June 2, 2023 - A unique project: 21 legaltechs have come together for the first time around the table to respond favorably to the call from Calame and its partners - Allen & Overy, AFJE, Cercle Montesquieu, FLIT Network and Open Law - to agree on the harmonization of a strategic clause in IT contracts: the data reversibility clause.

France's legaltech ecosystem, made up of long-established players and innovative startups, enables French and international companies to equip themselves with cutting-edge solutions.

On the corporate side, the last 3 years have been particularly propitious for the implementation of a technological strategy within legal departments, which have equipped themselves with innovative software, and have taken the measure of the importance of data for the management of the department. This data, however, is at the heart of the issue of data reversibility and portability in the context of a change of legaltech.

With each software publisher having its own specific commercial and legal characteristics, and a different IT architecture, contractual and technological practices are naturally very heterogeneous. However, the development of the legaltech offering and the increasing maturity of legal departments in these areas are necessarily leading to a fluidity of solutions on the market, and the question of data portability when changing service providers is becoming a key issue. It is both an obstacle to the acquisition of new solutions, and an important factor in the impossibility of changing them.

With a view to constantly improving the legaltech ecosystem, Calame has taken up this issue with the AFJE and with the support of the Cercle Montesquieu, the FLIT Network and Open Law. Legal departments will be represented by representatives of these organizations, as well as by lawyers and legal managers. They will be taking part in the conversations surrounding this unique project in France, at the crossroads of economic, legal and technological strategy.

The aim is manifold: to demonstrate that harmonization is possible, both from a legal and a technological point of view; to encourage the adoption of technological solutions by legal departments that have yet to take the plunge; to ensure that market competitiveness is based on the best possible ecosystem functionalities; and finally, to simplify the task of those who work on a daily basis to transform and modernize the way legal teams work.

Project milestones :

  1. Kick-off and presentation meeting (May 30)
  2. Exchanges and negotiations
  3. Publication and availability of the clause

This initiative is supported by the international business law firm Allen & Overy, positioned as a major player in innovation in the world of law and involved in the legaltech ecosystem for many years with, in particular, Fuse, its incubator aimed at accelerating the digital transformation of the legal sector. Allen & Overy will be involved in the legal aspects of this initiative as part of its pro bono activities, with a team of expert lawyers including Laurie-Anne Ancenys, counsel in charge of Tech & Data in the Paris office, Olivier Thébault, partner in Corporate M&A, and Florence Ninane, partner in Competition Law.

"The circulation of data is a guarantee of the efficiency of a company's business processes. Designing and deploying a unique contractual mechanism for data reversibility will improve the day-to-day operations of our companies. As a leader in the Legal Operations market, Calame was ideally placed to tackle this issue head-on, for the benefit of all concerned. And it's only natural that the AFJE, the Cercle Montesquieu and the FLIT Network should contribute to meeting this challenge for the future. La fabrique du Droit passe par les Directions Juridiques"

Emilie Calame - CEO @Calame

"Managing a company's strategic data is a major issue, often influencing its ability to innovate or launch new projects. With innovation at the very heart of our strategy in France and internationally, we are delighted that Allen & Overy can take part in the One Clause project by contributing its legal expertise. Connected to the LegalTech ecosystem, sensitive to the transformations taking place at our clients' sites and ourselves carrying out in-house projects to modernize working methods, our involvement enables us to pursue our commitment to being a major player in the transformation of the legal sector."

Laurie-Anne Ancenys - Counsel in charge of Tech & Data in Allen & Overy's Paris office.

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