We want to help legal teams secure the human, material and technological resources they deserve, thanks to Legal Operations.

To give you the means to deliver the best possible quality of service. To help highlight the "invisible" work performed by your teams. To give you power and control over your processes. Here at Calame, we focus on people, process and technology — and always in that order. Everything we do is to make Legal shine.

What makes Calame special

Legal Operations is making substantial progress in France.

Before 2019, nobody was talking about it. Today, the range of services, solutions and job opportunities related to Legal Operations is growing progressively, alongside increasing demand from legal departments.

My name is Emilie Letocart-Calame and four years ago, I founded Calame — The Legal Ops Company.

Here, as the name of this page indicates, we won't be promising you miracles. Nor will we be selling you a story made out of whole cloth.

As you may have noticed—and people have been figuring this out on their own for a while now—there are two types of companies: those that make up a story in order to sell a service, and those whose authentic lived experience acts as their driving force and motivation.

Here at Calame, we are lucky enough to be in the second category. Our story sounds like yours. It is not a work of fiction. Just like us, it is genuine and authentic. We are former lawyers turned Legal Ops specialists. We have walked many a mile in your shoes. That's what makes the team at Calame so special.

We're a UFO in a galaxy full of large consulting firms and "independent" digital transformation consultants. It's not that we're an unidentified flying object from the viewpoint of legal teams, it's more that we are a flying object that chooses not to identify itself with the world of consulting. We have not adopted their codes of behavior and nor do we want to.

Where others cultivate short-term communication, complex terms, information retention and sweet-talking sales teams, at Calame, we are not afraid to go against the flow, and to develop a Give First culture based on sharing, at your service.

During my early days as an entrepreneur, I kept hearing that it was not possible, for economic reasons, to apply my values to my company on a daily basis.

To the contrary, I believe that one of the biggest advantages of being a business owner is being able to reconcile my values and my professional life. Because we are convinced that it is by exchanging, sharing and helping each other as Legal Ops that we will progress and develop skills that will allow us to make our teams shine.

If are still reading this message, it is probably speaking to you.

This is why I wanted to take the time to write to you—to tell you our story and explain how we see things [Soon⏳].

Signature Emilie Letocart-Calame

The Calame team

Emilie Letocart-Calame
Emilie Letocart-Calame

CEO @Calame

Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams

COO @Calame

Our values___

Reliability above all
Are you asked to keep pace with business? We will keep pace with you, and stay by your side as we work together.
Putting our clients' interests first
Independence is our core value.
Among other things, it means that we do not accept referral fees or commission.
This independence allows us to recommend and implement the solutions that best suit our clients' needs.
Strong team spirit
We are all in the same boat. Our team is united around one single objective and we give each individual the means and the opportunity to make a contribution. By giving them our trust, we see them progress, develop their skills and implement projects in ways they did not think possible.
Sharing and helping each other, to serve our community
We are committed to bringing together the Legal Ops community in France. Our mission is to create, nurture and maintain spaces in which people can share, grow, and contribute to the development of the profession and of each other.
Ambition, guided by optimism
We set ourselves ever more ambitious goals, as a team, to remain the leader in Legal Operations in France.

Words and actions ___

All our values have concrete applications in day-to-day life, both for us and our clients.

Sharing, to serve our community

"When people who are very eager to learn meet people who are very eager to share their knowledge, this makes for some very special moments!"

Hélène Viret | Legal Counsel
Meet our team
above all

"Hi Jonathan, thank you for handling this point. I can enjoy my vacation knowing that this topic is your capable hands and that satisfactory resolution is on its way"

Head of Legal Operations | @Dassault Systemes
Clients come first

"200,000 €. That's how much commission we refused in 2022, because the only interests we have at heart are yours".

Emilie Letocart-Calame | @Calame

At our side, making Legal shine


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